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SESSION B: Creating Technology + Designing Robotic Neurorehabilitation Therapies: Insights from MOVEX LIVING LAB

Join us for a seminar focused on the innovative approach to robotic neurorehabilitation therapy design, featuring MOVEX LIVING LAB. At Gogoa Mobility Robots, we are pioneers in creating comprehensive treatments that integrate cutting-edge technology with exclusive processes to optimize motor recovery for individuals with various pathologies, including stroke, spinal cord injury, neurodegenerative diseases, and muscular dysfunctions. This seminar will showcase our unique capabilities and the transformative impact of our therapies on enhancing patients' quality of life.

Topics will Cover

  • Introduction to Robotic Neurorehabilitation: Understanding the importance of innovative approaches in therapy design.
  • MOVEX LIVING LAB: Exploring the unique framework for designing and implementing robotic neurorehabilitation therapies.
  • Technology Integration: Showcasing how Gogoa's technology is seamlessly integrated into therapy design to maximize motor recovery.
  • Exclusive Processes: Highlighting the proprietary processes that set Gogoa apart in the field of robotic neurorehabilitation.
  • Case Studies: Real-life examples demonstrating the effectiveness of our therapies in improving patient outcomes.
  • Future Directions: Discussing ongoing research and development initiatives aimed at further enhancing neurorehabilitation therapies.

Date & Venue

  • 16:00-16:30, Tuesday, 16 April 2024
  • WISTA Management Conventions. Rudower Chaussee 17, 12489 Berlin, Germany.

Who Should Attend

This event is tailored for professionals and stakeholders in the healthcare and rehabilitation field, including:
- Medical institutions.
- Government health authorities.
- Distributors of healthcare and rehabilitation equipment.
- Orthopedic clinics.
- Physiotherapists.
- Patients with neurological disorders.
- Individuals with spinal cord injuries.
- Those suffering from neurodegenerative diseases.
- People with muscular dysfunctions.
- Rehabilitation physicians.
- And other related healthcare professionals.


At Gogoa Mobility Robots, we are committed to empowering individuals to enjoy life once again through our innovative technology and personalized therapies. Join us as we revolutionize the field of neurorehabilitation and pave the way for a brighter future for patients worldwide.

Visit our website https://gogoa.eu

Reserve Your Seat

This guest event as part of EXO Berlin 2024 is open and accessible at no extra charge to general admission ticket holders, but registration is compulsory.